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Eagle Scout Project 4

Duck Blind Build

This project was directed by John Walker, Troop 835/874 in Chesterfield, St. Luke's UMC. 

eagle project 4

The duck blind was built on the banks of the Chickahominy River to assist with the study of Wood Ducks and other water fowl in the area.  It is located on a bend in the river where you can see 100 or so yards straight down the river. It has nearly unobstructed frontal viewing with small windows in each wall to observe any wildlife that may happen by.   The project was started in March 2016 with concrete pilings being poured and 2 major build events later was completed in May 2016.  12 scouts and adults worked on this project from floor and frame!

Eagle Scout Project 3

Daniel Mayo’s Eagle Project completed on 5-7-2016.


The project was to build a floating boat dock to create a
new access point to the Chickahominy River. It will provide a cleaner
access point to the water for all civic organizations as well as club members while
preventing erosion to the river bank.
The project was completed under the direction of Daniel Mayo of B.S.A.
Troop 555 in Mechanicsville Va.

Eagle Scout Project 2

Boy Scout Troop 528 out of Sandston VA camping at Conservation Park.

The Scout's project was to erect and then maintain 24 wood duck boxes to
encourage that species to nest in the Park's large marsh area.

Eagle Scout Project 1

Peter Garrett's Eagle Scout project at the Park.  He enjoyed doing the project and all of the work it took. Below are some pictures of the completed camp area.